Examples of Past Projects

Job Sizing/Evaluation for Financial Services Company – as part of the restructuring of the organisation, we job sized/evaluated over 400 positions for the new organisation structure.

Total Rewards Market Intelligence report for Healthcare Company – We delivered a market intelligence report on Total Rewards at all levels for this organisation which was starting up operations in Ireland, prior to the commencement of recruitment.

Share Option Plan implementation for FMCG Company – We drove the implementation of an Employee Share Option Plan in six countries by working with the Company and its service providers to develop and implement the processes, tools, employee communications and training materials. Compliance with local regulatory and tax authorities and translation into local languages were integral elements of the project. Gurren Compensation managed this project on behalf of the client.

Grading & Salary Structure for Pharmaceutical Company – We led a project to design and implement a new grading/salary structure for over 1,000 employees who were on personal to holder contracts. This project involved the design of both the grading and salary structure for all job families. Gurren Compensation worked with line management to map current jobs/employees into the new structure.

Interim Head of Reward for Technology Sector Company – We provided an interim Head of Reward resource/service to the organisation while it was hiring a full time person for the position.

Career progression model for Financial Services Company – We developed a Career Progression Model and related salary structure for service roles to provide/illustrate career progression paths and recognition of personal / professional development.

Critique of C&B practices for Healthcare Company – We reviewed and critiqued the Company’s compensation and benefit practices and programmes. We developed recommendations for improvements/changes for review by the Senior Management Team, including the development of a C&B roadmap to support the implementation of approved recommendations.

Report on Redundancy market practices for Financial Services Company – We produced a report of redundancy practices on the island of Ireland, with particular emphasis on the banking and financial services sectors, including recent practice, emerging trends and the potential impact for the Company.

Acquisition support for Healthcare Company – We reviewed the competiveness of the existing benefits package and identified benefits which could not be changed without employee consent prior to the Company being acquired. We prepared a report for management to illustrate the competitiveness of the current benefits package, its perceived value by employees and the costs to the company.

Executive Compensation design for FMCG Company – We developed and delivered Total Reward packages which included long and short term incentive bonus plans for the senior executives of a newly established US subsidiary of a client company.

EMEA Market competitive assessment for Chemical Company – We conducted a market competitiveness review of the Company’s base pay and total remuneration for a number of job families in six European countries. We identified competitive, equity and structural compensation issues for the client and formulated a roadmap to address these issues.

Sales Incentive redesign for Technology Company – We reviewed the current sales incentive practices within the organisation and redesigned the sales incentive practices to align them with current/future business requirements, incentivise cross-selling and increase the amount of sales incentive compensation which is contingent on employee performance.